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Healix Medico, Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor of Dental and Radiographic Products in India. Manufacturer of EDTA Gel, EDTA Wash, Etchant Gel, Etchant Liquid, Calcium Hydrox Paste, Eugenol, Zinc oxide, Alginate, Desensitizer, Aqueous Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, LED Light, Apex Locator, S-Zone, Importer of Vericom Products (ie. Denfil Restorative Composite Resin, Denfil Flowable Composite, BC-Plus Bonding Agent, Etchant, Eco-S Sealant, Needles) and Importer/Distributor of Shanghai Foshion Medical Instruments Ltd. (ie. Chair Mounted Dental Unit FJ48, FJ24, FJ22, Handpiece, Autoclave, Scaler, LED Light Curing Unit, Root ZX, Morita, Apical Foramen, Root Canal, Sybron Endo, Endodontics, Gutta Percha, Vericom, Dental Composites, Bonding agent, 3M, GC, Dentsply, Kulzer, Charishma, DPI, Ivoclar Vivadent, Coletene Whaledent, RC Cal, Prime Dental Products, India, Septodont, Glide
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FJ - 36 Chair Mounted Dental Unit

FJ 36 - Foshion Chair Mounted Dental Unit

Main Unit:

1) 4-Hole Instrument Hose (3 pieces)
2) 3-way Syringe (2 pieces)
3) Intra X-Ray Film viewer
4) Cuspidor
5) Control Panel on Dentist Tray
6) Clean Water System
7) Water Heater System
8) Saliva Ejector
9) Air Suction (with filter)
10) Operating Light & Arm
11) Foot Controller

Patient Chair:

1) Complete Electric Dental Chair
2) Pre-programmable position for all function
3) Left and Right armrest
4) Seamless Upholstery
5) Joystick Foot Control
7) Headrest for Adult & Children
8) Dentist Stool


1) LED Curing Light
2) Ultrasonic Scaler
3) Central suction system with separator & amalgam separator
4) Digital Camera (PC Model)
5) Assistant Stool
6) Push Button Turbine
7) Air Motor with Straight & Contra Angle Handpiece
8) Operating Lamp



For any product / pricing information please contact us on:
53, Empire Building, 1st Floor, 146-Dr. D.N. Road, Opp C.S.T (V.T) Railway Station, Mumbai 400001, India
Tel: +91 22 22074530, +91 9892216631, +91 9323468454
Fax: +91 250 2390583

Vericom Foshion Healix Medico
Vericom Dental Products, KOREA (
DenFil (Hybrid Restorative Composite Resin)
DenFil Flow (Flowable Composite Resin)
BC Bonding Agent
DenFil Etchant
Eco-S Pit & Fissure Sealant
FOSHION, China (
Chair Mounted Dental Unit
Dental Autoclave (Sterilizer)
Dental Turbine Handpiece (Air Rotor)
Dental Turbine Handpiece Cleaner / Lubricator
Dental Chemicals
Disposable Dental Needles
Root Cal - Calcium Hydroxide Paste
Root Help - EDTA Paste
Etchant - 37 - 37% Phosphoric Acid Gel
Liquid Etchant
Gutta Percha Solvent
Zinc Oxide
Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
Aqueous Ferric Chloride
Dental Electronics
Automatic X-Ray Film Processor
LED Light Curing Unit
Apex Locator
X-Ray Chemicals
Dental X-Ray Developer & Fixer (Powder)
Dental X-Ray Developer & Fixer (Liquid)
Medical X-Ray Developer & Fixer (Powder)
Manual Medical X-Ray Developer & Fixer (Liquid) (Single Part)
Automatic Medical X-Ray Developer & Fixer (Liquid) (Three Part)
Automatic X-Ray Film Processor