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Healix Medico, Manufacturer, Importer and Distributor of Dental and Radiographic Products in India. Manufacturer of EDTA Gel, EDTA Wash, Etchant Gel, Etchant Liquid, Calcium Hydrox Paste, Eugenol, Zinc oxide, Alginate, Desensitizer, Aqueous Ferric Chloride, Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, LED Light, Apex Locator, S-Zone, Importer of Vericom Products (ie. Denfil Restorative Composite Resin, Denfil Flowable Composite, BC-Plus Bonding Agent, Etchant, Eco-S Sealant, Needles) and Importer/Distributor of Shanghai Foshion Medical Instruments Ltd. (ie. Chair Mounted Dental Unit FJ48, FJ24, FJ22, Handpiece, Autoclave, Scaler, LED Light Curing Unit, Root ZX, Morita, Apical Foramen, Root Canal, Sybron Endo, Endodontics, Gutta Percha, Vericom, Dental Composites, Bonding agent, 3M, GC, Dentsply, Kulzer, Charishma, DPI, Ivoclar Vivadent, Coletene Whaledent, RC Cal, Prime Dental Products, India, Septodont, Glide
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About us - Healix Medico

We, at Healix Medico, would like to introduce ourselves as leading Importers / Distributors and Manufacturers of Dental and Diagnostic Products in India. We are Distributors of Vericom Dental Composites and Foshion Dental Instruments in India. Vericom is a Korean Company manufacturing Dental Materials while Foshion Shanghai Medical Instruments Ltd. is a Chinese company manufacturing Dental Chairs, Autoclaves and other Dental Equipment.  We market Dental and Diagnostic Products across India through our well established Dealer Network. Our head office is located in Mumbai (Bombay) which the center for all Dental trade in India. We provide extremely good quality of Products and Services to our clients which have enabled us to establish a formidable position in the Indian Dental Industry within a very short period of time. We are always in a quest to provide the latest and the best products to our customers at the best possible prices and hence we continue to add new and better products to our Product list.

 We (Healix Medico) have been in the Indian Diagnostic Market since the last 30 years and have diversified into the Dental Market since the last two years. We have developed a very strong dealer network across India within a short span of 2 years. We have also expanded our product offerings very dynamically to provide a wide range of products to our customers.